Women Empowerment

Project Surbhi

Empowering Rural Women and Adolescent Girls

Anvarat Foundation proudly presents Project Surbhi, as its groundbreaking flagship initiative aimed at fostering gender-based equality and empowering rural communities through comprehensive development strategies. This transformative project encompasses multifaceted interventions in health, hygiene, nutrition, vocational training, and entrepreneurship development. In the heart of rural India, Project Surbhi stands as a transformative force, illuminating paths toward gender equality, empowerment, and holistic development of young adolescent girls.

The core strategy of Project Surbhi is to commence interventions with females, particularly targeting women and adolescent girls in rural India by setting up Surbhi kendra, a nurturing space where 40 young adolescent girls discover tailored opportunities for learning, development, and skill-building. Through innovative programs, Surbhi Kendra stands as a beacon of empowerment, dedicated to shaping resilient and self-reliant young women poised for success. 

Key Components:

  • Health and Hygiene: Project Surbhi prioritizes women’s health, providing access to essential healthcare services and promoting hygiene practices. This ensures a healthier and more resilient female population.
  • Nutrition Programs: The initiative includes nutrition interventions, emphasizing balanced diets and nutritional education. This contributes to the overall well-being of women and adolescent girls, laying the groundwork for a healthier community.
  • Vocational Training: Empowering through education, Project Surbhi offers vocational training programs, equipping females with valuable skills that enhance their employability and self-reliance.
  • Entrepreneurship Development: Fostering entrepreneurial spirit, the project supports women in establishing and growing their ventures. This creates economic opportunities and strengthens the financial independence of women in rural areas.

Impact Created

Project Surbhi has demonstrated a remarkable impact, directly influencing the lives of ________ women and adolescent girls. The project has contributed to the well-being of young adolescent girls in ______ villages through successful workshop completions. Vocational training and entrepreneurship programs have empowered _____ participants economically, fostering sustainable development. This comprehensive approach involves the dedicated efforts of ________ volunteers and ______trainers. As a testament to its success, Project Surbhi has skillfully developed _________ girls, equipping them with the tools for future success.