Self Defense

Project Saksham

Empowering Through Self-Defense

Anvarat Foundation introduces Project Saksham, a powerful campaign dedicated to self-defense aimed at preventing sexual offenses and reducing the risk of harassment across diverse sections of society. This life skill training program equips ________young girls and women with the tools to prevent instances of sexual abuse. The program strives to create a safe environment and empowers participants to respond effectively in case of violations.

At the core of Project Saksham’s self-defense methodology lays the specialized technique of Karv Maga. Chosen deliberately for its efficacy, Karv Maga empowers women with practical and efficient defensive maneuvers. This martial art form is renowned for its simplicity, adaptability, and effectiveness in real-world scenarios, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking tangible skills for self-protection.

Key Components:

  • Life Skill Training: Project Saksham goes beyond conventional self-defense programs by providing comprehensive life skill training. Participants learn not only physical techniques but also develop awareness, confidence, and assertiveness to prevent and respond to potential threats.
  • Special Self-Defense Technique – Karv Maga: At the heart of the program lies a special self-defense technique, Karv Maga. This technique is specifically designed to empower women with effective defensive moves, enabling them to protect themselves confidently.
  • Holistic Approach: Project Saksham addresses risk factors that contribute to the likelihood of sexual abuse. By imparting knowledge and skills, the program fosters a proactive approach to personal safety, creating a safer environment for women and adolescent girls.

Impact Created

Project Saksham has made a profound impact, particularly in the rural landscapes of India, where vulnerability to sexual offenses is prevalent. Anvarat Foundation’s initiative has bestowed practical skills upon _______ women and adolescent girls, resulting in a notable surge of 40% in confidence and self-reliance. The program actively contributes to establishing secure havens in _______ rural communities, attesting to its success in not only imparting physical skills but also instilling a resilient mindset. 

Project Saksham envisions a society where everyone possesses the tools to protect themselves, exemplified by a significant 30% uptick in proactive engagement against sexual offenses within the targeted areas.