Menstrual Hygiene

Project Padd

Breaking the Silence on Menstrual hygiene

Anvarat Foundation proudly introduces Project PADD (Periods Awareness Door to Door), a compassionate initiative that confronts one of the most hushed issues in our country – menstrual hygiene. Under this project, our mission is to foster menstrual hygiene awareness among _______women in underserved regions by distributing ______specially crafted menstrual kits, which include essential hygiene products such as sanitary napkins and hand-washes.

Menstrual hygiene remains a stigmatized topic in many communities, particularly in rural India. Project PADD is breaking this silence by addressing the issue head-on, providing education and resources to empower women and adolescent girls to manage their menstrual health confidently.

Key Components:

  • Specially Prepared Kits: Project PADD delivers specially designed kits to women in backward regions, ensuring access to essential menstrual hygiene products. The kits are tailored to meet the unique needs of women in resource-challenged areas.
  • Education and Awareness: Beyond providing physical resources, the project emphasizes education and awareness campaigns. We conduct door-to-door awareness sessions to eliminate myths and taboos surrounding menstruation, promoting a culture of openness and understanding.
  • Affordability Barrier: Recognizing the financial barrier to menstrual hygiene products, Project PADD seeks support from compassionate individuals and organizations to make these kits accessible to those who need them the most.

Impact Created

Project PADD has made a tangible impact at the grassroots level, directly improving the lives of ________ women and adolescent girls. The distribution of menstrual hygiene kits, numbering ___________ in total, has not only addressed physical well-being but has also contributed to a noticeable increase in confidence and daily activity participation. Through informative workshops successfully completed in _______ villages, Project PADD has raised awareness among ________ women and adolescent girls. This impactful initiative involves the dedicated efforts of ________ volunteers and _____ associates, showcasing a collaborative approach.