Knowing Anvarat

Anvarat Foundation is a not-for-profit, knowledge-driven, community-focused, partnership-building, forward-thinking organization that stands as a beacon of empowerment, particularly for marginalized people, women, adolescent and children, advocating education, healthcare, hygiene, and skill-based employability. Our programs are a testament to our commitment to crafting a societal fabric where every individual can effortlessly access vital resources, cultivating a culture of well-being and mutual respect. 

Through our impactful initiatives, we’ve catalyzed positive change among Women and adolescent girls, leaving an enduring imprint and fostering a future where they thrive with dignity and equal opportunities.

Founded in 2015 with a vision to empower people and spark positive changes, Anvarat Foundation is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and till now has benefitted more than 20 Lakh people in over 230 villages and 115 urban slum communities directly and indirectly.



Our vision is to break down barriers, fostering an inclusive community where equal opportunities empower every person to thrive and succeed by providing them access to quality education, healthcare and employability to live a healthy successful life and strive for a better society.

Anvarat Foundation works to build the capabilities at grassroots and empower each individual by:

• Judicious resource sharing

• Enabling access to healthcare and education

• Providing dignified employment opportunities

• Facilitating sustainable clusters of people with common cause and skill set

• Eradicating poverty

• Uplifting and emancipating the deprived and down trodden

How We Do

Our strategic framework revolves around three pivotal elements: Engage, Empower and Execute. Through meaningful engagement, we facilitate the collaboration between communities and key stakeholders such as corporates, young urban India, not-for-profit organizations, and government bodies. This engagement acts as a catalyst for empowerment, granting communities the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to take charge of their own destinies.


Anvarat Foundation engages individuals in transformative programs through interactive initiatives that are inclusive and collaborative. By actively involving people, we aim to create supportive communities that facilitate equal opportunities for all to thrive holistically; ultimately building a more empowered and fulfilled society.


We lead the way by focusing on individuals through a tailored approach to meet specific needs spanning education, healthcare, hygiene, and skill-based employability. Our initiatives aim at creating a societal landscape where every person can readily tap into the necessary resources, fostering a sense of well-being and respect for all.


We ignite positive changes through purposeful programs, impacting lives at the core. By offering guidance, counseling, and mentorship programs, we support people in making informed decisions and pursuing meaningful opportunities. Our approach focuses on tangible change, empowering individuals with each initiative.